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Valentines Day Truths You Need to Hear!

For those of you all going into this holiday weekend. More specifically the ones who might be sad or frustrated because they are single “yet again” during this time of year. I just got one question... When’s the last time you’ve loved on yourself more than the desire or expectancy of someone to do it for you!?!? I have truly never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, single or not, I have voiced this over the years. For me I felt like it hurt more people than it made them feel appreciated and loved. It paints this false narrative that those who aren’t with someone, aren’t truly loved or valued. But that’s falsehood! For years I have been shown unconditional and sacrificial love throughout my friendships. So what does that say about me? It says that if my friends appreciate and value me I most certainly should do the same for myself without hesitation. I have never really doubted the love and support of my friends, but what I have come to realize is that the same can not be said for myself. As I navigate through what it truly looks like to love myself more, I pray I am as compassionate, graceful, and forgiving of myself as I have been to others. 🌹




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