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32 Things I’ve Learned In 32 years

Another year older is supposed to signify another year of wisdom.. at least that is my sincere desire, with that being said I would like to share 32 things I have learned about myself and life in 32 years… lets call it the 32 years of acquired wisdom.

1. Jesus & Therapy go hand and hand. If he created me to be gifted in healing others I know he has created others to do the same in their own respective right.

2. Just because you have the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual capacity to do “IT”, doesn’t mean you actually should.

3. Healthy boundaries are critical for your growth and healing journey.

4. Chances are the only reason why you “Can’t” is because you gave up, not because you aren’t capable of doing so.

5. Wisdom is often acquired through, experience and failure not always triumphs.

6. Self-regulation should be the standard of every day living.

7. Accountability = Growth Pride = Self Distruction

8. A failed marriage doesn’t mean you failed in life.

9. If you couldn’t carry your baby to full term that doesn’t mean you are a failure as a woman.

10. That rejection from a job interview, love interest etc, was more about Gods protection over your life than anything else.

11. Asking God to make your hearts desires match his, makes accepting his call over your life a lot easier.

12. In your circle of friends, have people who will push you, challenge you, not always agree with you, have different approaches and perspectives than you.

13. MOVE, from that block, town, city, state, etc. Yes, its scary but I promise you it will be the best chance for self discovery.

14. Get comfortable with realization that your life might not look anything like you expected it would be. AND THATS OKAY!

15. DRINK WATER AND EXERCISE, mobility really weakens as you age, so dont ever stop moving!

16. Alot of mental health issues are linked to trauma that people are not even aware of. GO GET YOUR HEALING!

17. Jealousy and malicious intent can come from your inner circle so make sure you are using discernment.

18. Sometimes boundaries mean lack of communication with a loved one to protect your own mental health.

19. Truly guard your heart, don’t close it. Just be very protective of who and what you allow to get near it or in it.

20. If serving others is beneath you, then leadership is above you.

21. Strive, for a debt free lifestyle it’s one of the most freeing things you can ever experience.

22. Soul ties are real and can cost you a lot more than what you might realize.

23. Anything you can’t function without is a addiction, or a dependence, free yourself of it so you can truly be in control of your life.

24 Discipline is a untapped skill that if acquired will take you further in life than any other skill set you posses.

25. Learn how to say no to energy drainers, such as people/family pleasing, without having to explain yourself or feeling guilty about it later.

26. Embrace your figure and your body, you only have one so take care and appreciate the body you have.

27. When you walk into a room, step into it with confidence and boldness.

28. You being different is a super power, it’s not a deficiency for you to cower.

29. What you stand for and what you believe in are shown through your actions and how you treat others, not by the words you speak or the posts you share.

30. There isn’t a political“left” or “right” side in heaven there is only holiness and his sovereignty.

31. Being “alone” doesn’t equate to being “lonely”.

32. Fast often, it brings mental clarity, discipline, freedom, and gives you the reset you need to function. You never know what you are truly made of until you force yourself to go without certain comforts.

If you’ve made it this far, which number was your favorite?!?



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