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Intermittent Fasting Journey

Motivation Monday’s let’s talk about it!

Ever so often I get commented on by my weight loss, everyone is curious as the “how” more than the “why”, I’m going to tell you both!

If you’ve known me over the past decade all you’ve known or seen from me was me at my largest between 200-265 pounds largest clothing size 20. I’ll discuss how I got to that point in weight on a separate post in the future but right now I wanna focus on how I lost the weight.

Over the last decade I’ve did different things, such as weight watchers, personal trainers, prescribed medication, you name it if it’s a fad I’ve probably done it. But none of those methods (with the exception of personal trainers if I continued with them) actually worked long term.

Then I discovered intermittent fasting. I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical on doing it, I mean let’s be realistic, essentially depriving yourself for 16 hours a day at minimum sounds pretty cray cray at first. That was until I reaped them benefits of doing so. And I don’t mean just weight loss.

I started the journey of intermittent fasting commonly known as “IF” after my last pregnancy loss in 2019. During the time I thought or had been told by some one who shall remain nameless that the reason why I couldn’t carry to term was because of my weight. (I’m happy to report that was never the case even though I truly believed it) because of this fear I told myself I would NEVER allow my weight to be the reason why I couldn’t carry my babies to term. (I also have PCOS) So I got serious and I got dedicated. As of now I have been doing intermittent fasting for over two years.

Some people laugh at me when I reject food or say that I’m crazy for not part taking in feasting at any given moment. But the craziest thing about is, I do indulge, I just do it in moderation at a time that is more convenient. If there is one thing “IF” has taught me it is self control. This was the tool I needed to persevere and overcome the issues regarding my divorce, my mental health and other struggles I dealt with privately. (It is truly amazing the mental and spiritual clarity you get from fasting)

Look I get it IF isn’t for everyone. It definitely wasn’t for me until I was dedicated, serious and had enough of my former life. There are many benefits of “IF” but I wanted to use this post to share my why. The most amazing thing about “IF” is that it doesn’t cost anything other than mind over matter and discipline. It truly is the cheapest fitness plan I have ever been apart of 🤣.

Lastly I would like to add that my weight loss wasn’t just contributed to “IF” alone. I also dance or do Arieal arts 5 days a week. (I worked my way up to 5 days). When Covid happened and the dance studio closed down permanently, for over a year, I stopped dancing yet I was able to maintain my weight loss give or take 5-8 pounds add.

Never in any process of my weight loss journey over the years have I ever used


🚫Waist trainers

🚫Diet pills



🚫Fat transfers

Moral of the story, if you want something bad enough you will get it, it truly just takes discipline and a willingness to actually do it ♥️. For those of you all who are wondering my current weight it is 189 size 10-12 #motivationmondays



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