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The pictures below are from the talent portion of the Ms. Full Figured Georgia Pageant. Would you believe me if I told you I have not watched the recording of my solo yet? I don’t know why.. but as a dancer it is hard to watch my performances, I am going to chalk it up to the technical dancer side of me who critiques her movements. However the artist in me absolutely loves to express myself through free flowing movement. (And yes I’m a full blown dance instructor and still struggle with this 🤦🏾‍♀️) Anyways by the looks of these photos I can see it was pretty powerful ☺️. One day I will watch it, just not exactly sure when that day will come. What is something that you love to do but critique yourself to harshly about? Andddd yes I will work on posting my dancing videos 🙄.



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One of my other creative abilities can be seen within the depth of my writing. I keep it transparent and honest. I hope you enjoy these readings as they are the words that scream from the pages of my heart - "The Creative Counterpart" Doshie Dior

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