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Infant Loss and Remembrance

The story behind these eyes..Today is Pregnancy / Infant Loss Remembrance & Awareness Day. Monday would of been the 5th birthday of my first baby. Throughout the years I have experienced multiple pregnancy losses. There is a deep feeling of emptiness, pain and sorrow filled in each one of those experiences. Early this year as I was fasting for change in my mental and emotional state, I heard the voice of God tell me very distinctly that everything I have lost will one day be restored, and renewed. Prior to my fast I had been suffering for a long while battling immense depression, still do some days just not as often if I’m honest. Between my divorce and the loss of my babies throughout the years I truly felt as though I had failed in every capacity of my life....or at least that’s what the enemy would have me to believe. Today, I hold unto the promise given to me, that I will one day hold my baby in my hands, the tears that will come will not be one of mourning but one of joy. After all, he knows what its like to lose a child.... I cannot wait to hold a promise kept 💞. Today I also remember my angel babies who gave me the greatest joys even if it was for just a moment. Samuel Snow OCT 2015 💙, Autumn Rose MAY 2018 ❤️, 2019 Eden Wynter JULY 2019 💛. MOMMY LOVES YOU, YOU ARE SO DEARLY LOVED, CHERISHED, & REMEMBERED 💘. To the mothers like me, I pray the arms of THE loving father wrap around you, to bring you comfort, healing and unconditional love as we remember our babies and the life that they lived no matter how short.

Make-up by @houseofkharisma

3-piece by @diyanu



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