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Daddy's Girl

Growing up I was a daddy’s girl, selfishly I would even like to say I was my father’s favorite (it’s okay daddy you don’t have to concur with this statement I know my siblings are reading this 😅 but me and you know the truth 🤣) all jokes aside. My father, was and is still my hero, a superhero of epic proportion but in the supernatural. Growing up I learned at a very early age how important it is for a child to have their father in their life. I am one of the blessed few who can say my father was their for me in my childhood to my adulthood. He was always a listening ear, he corrected me when I did wrong, and he loved me unconditionally. On top of just physically being their for me he also raised me, (and yes there is a Substantial difference in just being in a child’s life physically and actually raising a child) He raised me to be a great orator and communicator. He taught me how to be loving, kind, humble, and bold about my faith. He didn’t just tell me how I should act he has lead by example. 29 years later I can confidently say the things he instilled in me are part of my character. Or as my father always tells me “the mantle has been passed down to you”. Throughout the years I have called you “Daddy” “Father” “Pops” But the title that is my absolute favorite is “Man Of God, mighty warrior for his kingdom” love you daddy and Happy Fathers Day ❤️



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One of my other creative abilities can be seen within the depth of my writing. I keep it transparent and honest. I hope you enjoy these readings as they are the words that scream from the pages of my heart - "The Creative Counterpart" Doshie Dior

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