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2020 Reflections

Phewwwwww 2020 has been a YEAR I will NEVER FORGET. I lost a part of me in the midst of it but obtained a better version of myself in the process. 2020 definitely came with its own set of challenges but I have been double in my triumphs and victories. If 2020 has taught me anything is that, what might seem like heart break is the setting foundation for proper healing to take place. To long have we walked around with wounds untreated that become toxic to the body and spirit. But when the wound is tended to, addressed, cleaned, that’s when growth of clean flesh and spirit can began. Back to the basics as they would say. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being stripped of your former self so a new one can bloom and arise! Happy New Year and what ever you do, no matter how hard life may seem. DONT YOU DARE GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS, DESIRES AND AMBITIONS. Most importantly don’t you ever give up on YOURSELF! 🌱 ✨



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One of my other creative abilities can be seen within the depth of my writing. I keep it transparent and honest. I hope you enjoy these readings as they are the words that scream from the pages of my heart - "The Creative Counterpart" Doshie Dior

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