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Winning The Ms. Full-Figured Georgia State Title

Yesterday I won the Ms. Full Figured Georgia 2020 Title as well as the Rising Star Award. I am still soaking it all in but wow wow wow I did it you guys, I DID IT! The journey was long but it was well worth it the dedication and devotion. I will be posting more photos and videos from this incredible night as I receive them. P.S. a HUGE shout out to my God given sister / and pageant Assistant Desiree Cummings without her aid and support I wouldn’t of been able to transition through this pageant so smoothly. Thank you for sacrificing your Saturday to lend a helping hand and supporting me P.s. thank you family and friends for making the sacrifice to come tonight as well. I feel loved, cherished and worthy ❤️ 👸🏾. Next Stop Nationals!



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