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Growing Weary

One question that has plagued me since I was a child, which I have yet to find the answer to and probably never will is this. How can you see or witness the self destruction of a loved one and not feel completely helpless about not being able to do anything about it to stop them. (Yes you can pray and that makes a world of a difference but I referring to actual action) If you try to ignore it you feel guilty in doing so, if you try to help, you get pushed away and rejected. I can say with confidence the only peace I have ever had with this question is knowing that I am very active in prayer and intersession. I also have the peace of believing that Jesus can move a million times quicker in my prayer, than I could ever do in my actions. It is just very heart breaking to witness the self destruction of a loved one. And I am by NO means perfect but I can confidently say, my mother, father, and loved ones ain’t crying over me to turn my life around, leave a toxic lifestyle or pray me out of any other self destructive decisions. Humbly I can say, that wasn’t always the case, I most certainly had my season of life where I know I probably put more grey hairs on my loved ones then the natural causes of aging could ever do. But I made it out, there are so many people whom I love who still haven’t. I so deeply desire for others to experience what it truly means to be set free. I will never stop praying and believing and hoping for all whom I love to experience this level of freedom. But I would be lying if I said the amount of sorrow associated with it doesn’t weigh me down on a almost daily basis. #growingweary #historybelongstotheintercessor #fatigue





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