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The weight of 2020

Sometimes I truly wonder what life would look like if pain wasn’t apart of it. I know pain, makes us stronger but could you just imagine what life would be like without it?!?!? In 2020 most of us have endured incomparable pain, It’s a different kind of pain, the kind you can’t really explain but you know it’s real because you can feel it within every part of you. Usually I have wisdom to give or a completed thought, some sort of encouragement for the light at the end of the tunnel, but in all honesty all I feel in this moment is the weight of my own pain. I know with a following this size I am not the only person out there who is going through something, so if you going through something just put a heart underneath my photo (you don’t have to give an explanation at all). In my personal time of prayer I will be sure to include you in them as well. ❤️ 📸 by @idajohnphoto



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One of my other creative abilities can be seen within the depth of my writing. I keep it transparent and honest. I hope you enjoy these readings as they are the words that scream from the pages of my heart - "The Creative Counterpart" Doshie Dior

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